The Mute Kids

Lily Hoang


ISBN 978-1-959556-25-1      190 pages      $18.00






The Mute Kids deftly choreographs the donated stanzas and phrases of an all-star ensemble into its own unearthly mis en scene. The morals of these grim, inverted tales get lost in clouds and forests, and arrive, audaciously and inescapably, at the end of a great and terrible love. Hoang’s tales are exact, buoyant, and bloodthirsty. Her practice, like her prose, is boundlessly innovative.

     Jessica Alexander


Lily Hoang’s The Mute Kids overcomes the initial silence implied by its title through its chitonsic nature, perceptiveness, and minimalism. 1000 eyes seem to grow out of Hoang’s vast and clever imagination—taking all her lexical donations to a mythological, feral space only those không có miệng có thể nói được.

     Vi Khi Nao, author of The Italian Letters




Lily Hoàng is the author of seven books, including Underneath (winner of the Red Hen Press Fiction Award), A Bestiary (PEN/USA Non-Fiction Award finalist), and Changing (recipient of a PEN/Open Books Award). Her fairy tale collection, A Knock at the Door, is forthcoming in 2024, and her collaborative collection with Vi Khi Nào, Timber & Lụa, is forthcoming in 2025. She is a Professor of Literature at UC San Diego, where she teaches in their MFA in Literary Arts.

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