The Prison Notebooks of Alan Krieger (Terrorist)

Marc Estrin

Artwork by Delia Robinson


And containing within an entire novella, THE REVENGE OF ENDYMION TUSH, as well as an autobiography-within-a-memoir, The Book of Krieger, by Alan Krieger


ISBN 978-1-881471-55-4          $16.00 US       264 pages


Alan Krieger, the hero of Estrin's previous novel, Golem Song, is thrown in the tank for some not-atypical disruptive behavior. He meets several challenging cell mates, and when home, bailed out by his mother, composes a tortured diary of his three-hour imprisonment, along with an embedded novella about one of his cellies, The Revenge of Endymion Tush, and includes an explanatory autobiography, The Book of Krieger, by Alan Krieger. The cover painting by Delia Robinson and Vincent Van Gogh is a telling preview. The Notebooks were originally planned to be written in blood on toilet paper squares, but weren’t.

Marc Estrin, novelist, cellist, and political activist, has a thing about Faustian overreach, mythic transgression, and the smell of sulfur in America. You can contact him, and see more on his work at, or read his political and cultural essays at