The Revolt of Islam

Percy Bysshe Shelley


ISBN  978-1-944682-56-9      302 pages      $12.00

Roots & Branches Series

“...On the slant sun’s path o’er the waves we go

Rejoicing, like the dwellers of an isle

Doomed to pursue those waves that cannot cease to smile.”

Laon and Cythna;


The Revolution of the Golden City:

A Vision of the Nineteenth Century


Shelley’s great personal-political epic is a vision of European limbo struggling in the aftermath of Revolution. Its linked sonnet sequences parallel trajectories from the heart of familial intimacy and love, alongside the cruelties and craven motivations of tyrants and tyrannical priests. Famine, war and spirited wandering serve the protagonists as they evolve toward discoveries of hope “...Like mind while yet it mocks the all-devouring grave.”