The Silence Sound Makes

Nina Sokol


ISBN 978-1-959556-22-0      94 pages      $16.00





It is

a house

of a


color. Across

the street

from where

I live

there is

a playground. The

house is

not in

that end. Furthermore...

Nina Sokol is a poet and translator in the midst of translating novels, short stories. plays and  poems by Danish writers. She was a grant poet-in-residence at The Vermont Studio Center in 2011. She has received several grants from the Danish Art’s Council to translate plays, including a play written by the fairy tale writer H.C. Andersen which was published by the journal “InTranslation.” Her own poems have appeared in American journals, including Miller’s Pond and the Hiram Poetry Review and a collection is now available from Spuyten Duyvil, The Silence Sound Makes.