The Singing Bowl

Kini Collins


ISBN 978-1-959556-74-9        284 pages        $22.00


...she shows him her birds, birds with bowl-like bodies. he can't believe that she made them with just a Swiss Army knife. and he laughs when she throws him that line from The Winter's Tale—Though I am not naturally honest, I am sometimes so by chance. he buys the birds, saves her life.


The Singing Bowl is the story of Rob Morgan—sculptor, liar, Shakespeare lover. She runs away from home as a teen, winds up in Manhattan in nascent Soho and hits the big time only to find that the biggest challenge she faces is to sculpt herself.

The Singing Bowl is a biting history of the art scene in the early days of Soho and the story of a young woman devouring trauma and spitting it out, triumphant. The vivid, striking descriptions of the protagonist's artwork is testament to Collins' forty year career as a practicing visual artist.

      Ellis Amdur, author of Little Bird and the Tiger


Ever the artist, layering her canvas, Kini paints her vibrant, complicated characters with such multifaceted depth, I am drawn into their worlds and don't want the book to end. When it does, they have left their mark and stay with me for a good long time. A moving story of one woman's bold and wrenching journey to uncover the pain of her youth, the power of art to sustain her, and the triumph of community to keep things heartened along the way. Kini's mesmerizing words will have their way with you. This book is a treasure. I loved it.

     Dana Harris-Trovato, writer, editor, English professor


Kini Collins has spent her life as an artist—martial, visual, literary. Day jobs to support those habits include event producer, book store manager, gallery assistant, community organizer, dog walker, nanny, teacher and office temp. Raised in central New Jersey in the 1960s she finally settled in Baltimore in 1998 after a whole lot of stops along the way. She lives with an astonishingly supportive, caring wife and a small dog.