The Anvils

Kevin Kilroy


ISBN 978-1-963908-01-5        180 pages        $20.00


On a spring night in Chicago, a city mystic on tilt named Satchel hops on his bike to make a decision. The extended unemployment benefits of the Great Recession are winding down and the law school where Satchel was accepted needs his final verdict. With his wife’s successful friends coming over, the unemployed father of two escapes to meet up with a crowd of younger artists. Contemplations of fatherhood and selfhood, joyous etudes and racehorse dreams fill Satchel’s mind as he makes his way across Chicago’s streets grasping for a torch worth passing down.



It's like Dashiell Hammett meets Eugène Ionesco meets the 21st century.

     Laird Hunt, on The Escapees


Kilroy has deftly written a philosophical mystery set in a city of crumbling ontologies, where keys are plenty, but locks are few.

    Rowland Saifi, on The Escapees

Kevin Kilroy is a writer and a teacher living in Kansas City. His stories have been published by Akashic, Dispatches, Fact-Simile, Masque & Spectacle, Hot Whiskey, Poets & Artists, Sherlock Holmes & Philosophy and others. Kevin co-founded Black Lodge Press. He is the author of The Escapees and Dead Ends (Spuyten Duyvil).



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