Things That Never Happened

Fictions of Family Eros

Gordon Osing

ISBN  1-933132-04-3     $14.00     296 pages

Gordon Osing’s new book Things That Never Happened is brilliant, soul-deep, questing, and fun. One thinks of Wordsworth’s Prelude done with a great jazz beat, and then one thinks of all the good books wrung from a writer’s experience, from a life. The book has the force of a train rumbling through a vibrant city. Its observations are startling and pleasurable even as they disturb. Read it and see.

     Richard Bausch, author of Wives and Lovers



Each of the little ones in the house must find his and her way out, must face the ordeals of trying to love, must find and enact a self who is not blindsided by the simplest blandishments of assimilation in town.

      Tom Russell, author of Travelling with the Magi


Gordon Osing has taught at the University of Memphis since 1973. He founded there The River City Writers Series, now in its twenty-second year. He is the author of From the Boundary Waters and A Town Down-River. He has also translated widely from the Chinese. His travels to China inform his other verse and journal collection, The Water Radical. “The Center is everywhere attention gathers,” he has said of his work in verse, prose, and translation.