Uncensored Songs

A Tribute to Sam Abrams

edited by John Roche

ISBN 978-1-933132-55-6   $12.00     88 pages


Señor Peligro*

               (friendly advice to Sam Abrams)


Be cautious if you oppose

Evil—Be aggressive but

            watch yr back. A television

               set is dangerous behind you

                  Radios, unfolded newspapers

                      an action Superstar. Negro

                           Blanco or Moreno.

                             Hombre or Mujer

                               Use the rhythm of the

                             place, nature, yr perception

                          & Rationale, to evoke the

                        image of invincibility.

                     But have some deadly


                                                        —Amiri Baraka


* (In Nov 2005, Pres Chavez called President Bush “Mr Danger.”

But as “pre-acknowledgement” I had written this poem a few years before. AB)