Unfinished Child

Lindsey Warren


ISBN  978-1-949966-60-2        64 pages           $15.00

Unfinished Child is personal and potent and, above all, markedly original. The poet has infused grief with an emotional imagination, and built an innovative narrative on an elegiac understructure. Its forays into memory are like nothing else. Unfinished Child is an extraordinary work of art. It will challenge and delight you.

              Marvin Bell


This manuscript is just so succulent aesthetically, emotionally, energetically. It explodes the sensual world in a simple way in its sentences and lines. It never fusses or gets in its own way, declaring and evoking what it wants. Every line seems destined to go into the next.

             Shane Kowalski, author of Dog Understander

Lindsey Warren was born in Elsmere, Delaware.  She recently received her M.F.A. from Cornell University.  She has been the recipient of a DDOA Individual Artist Fellowship and was a finalist for the Joy Harjo Prize.  She has been published in Rabid Oak, Josephine Quarterly, American Literary Review and Hobart, among others, and her long poem “Incantation” was on display as part of an exhibit at the Biggs Museum of American Art.  She splits her time between Ithaca, New York and Newark, Delaware.