Universal Fall Precautions

Sunnylyn Thibodeaux


ISBN  978-1-944682-20-0      112 pages      $15.00

It comes down to experiences and soundour calculated span, a fragmented  conversation, an effort to channel senses and sensibilities. No one was ever in control. No one ever will be. The moment has come and the moment is always going. It's a rhythm old and new and within its cadence are tales grand, science, and the song of grief and light in all its variations. Everything comes in, one self becomes two, then twelve, thirty-seven, then, just a single moment in the greater orchestration. So here we are—no matter where we've been the moment always circles back to now







Sunnylyn Thibodeaux is the author of As Water Sounds (Bootstrap 2014), Palm to Pine (2011) and Universal Fall Precautions (Spuyten Duyvil 2017.) She is also the author of over a dozen small books including 20/20 Yielding (Blue Press), 88 Haiku for Lorca (Push Press), Against What Light (Ypolita), Room Service Calls (Lew Gallery Editions) and What’s Going On (Bird & Beckett). In 1999 she left the Bayou for the Bay to attend the now defunct New College of California. She lives in San Francisco with her husband Micah Ballard and their daughter Lorca. She co-edits Auguste Press and Lew Gallery Editions.