Walking After Midnight

Bill Kushner

artwork by Pamela Lawton


ISBN   978-1-933132-91-4       $16.00         88 pages

Bill Kushner’s poem mind is tender and lavish. It likes to say things a second time, or maybe more times. It is very loving in old age, and fearless. You the reader are never exactly sure what’s “true” in these poems; but, on the other hand, you’re in on the rush. Kushner has asked you there, andwhy be anywhere else? What a beautiful arrival, Bill! Thank you.

     Alice Notley


What is it Diana Ross sang? About a Love Hangover? “If there’s a cure for this I don’t want it, don’t waaaaant iiiiiiiit!” Love is the one word I can never see, hear, believe enough. Believe it. Bill Kushner believes it. Love’s who when how why. Walking After Midnight is a book of love poems Kushner style! The moon, the leaves. His endearing and odd love for a house that’s not his; I mean of the billions of houses THIS ONE calls out to him. He stands before it, talks to it. This is beautiful! In a world addicted to irony and apathy, Bill Kushner writes undaunted beside love. What a lucky world that he is here!

     CA Conrad


Walking After Midnight brims with explicit lovemaking, mad gay crushes, and love, love, love. Bill Kushner’s poems reveal the making of himself as a young poet and chart the evolution of his erotic nature. As the poet reaches his eighth decade, he continues to cultivate a garden of earthly delights and sexy surprises.

      Brenda Coultas

In addition to his eight books of poems, Bill Kushner has worked as a playwright, actor, and directer at the New York Theatre Ensemble and Theater Genesis in New York. He has just finished Good Gravy Marie, a new full-length play.