When The Gods Come Home To Roost

Marc Estrin

Artwork by Delia Robinson


ISBN 978-1-933132-89-1          $18.00 US       358 pages

"Some may judge this kinky—reading Greek tragedy, bilingually, to a swooning lover in the act delectable—“kinky”, from the Greek kukewn, disorder, confusion. But George saw it as the height of refined carnality, combining the lust of Aphrodite with the rational parsing of Apollo, female and male—with a touch of gladiating Mars—what could be more deeply cosmic—as in kosmikos?"


Marc Estrin, novelist, cellist, and political activist, has a thing about Faustian overreach, mythic transgression, and the smell of sulfur in America. You can contact him, and see more on his work at web.me.com/mestrin, or read his political and cultural essays at marcestrin.blogspot.com.