Wick'd Ogdoad

published in tandem with

Eighthand & Tourniquet ((flesh)) Camera

t thilleman

ISBN 978-1-941550-85-4         $10.00        154 pages


Emanation of the Human Backside

Tourniquet ((flesh))


text: 12c., from Medieval Latin textus, “written account, content, characters in a document,” literally “thing woven,” from past participle stem of texere “to weave, join, fit, braid, construct, fabricate, build,” from PIE root teks- “ weave, fabricate, make; wicker or wattle framework”


wicker:  mid-14c., “wickerwork,” from a Scandinavian source and Proto-Germanic wik, Old Norse vikja “to move, turn,” Swedish vika “to bend,” Old English wican “to give way, yield”, PIE root weik, “to bend, twine”


wick:  17c. alteration of wueke, from Old English weoce “wick of a lamp or candle,” from West Germanic weukon

t thilleman is the author of Three Sea Monsters (Our History of Whose Image) in which journal entries and poetic sequences investigate the legacy of Pound’s redactions to Fenollosa’s original manuscript version of The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry; Onönyxa & Therseyn (opening for an extended work, Anatomical Sketches, of which Pebble Sketches is the seventh book); Snailhorn (fragments), a 360 poem cycle utilizing vedic transitions in celestial to allegorical articulation; and a novel Gowanus Canal, Hans Knudsen. His literary essay/memoir, Blasted Tower, was issued by Shakespeare & Co./Toad Suck in 2013. The Special Body, a second work of literary comment is available from Rain Mountain Press. Book eight of the Sketches, Keystone Standstill, is forthcoming. tt’s pastel drawings and readings are archived at conchwoman.com.