Words In Memory

Serge Gavronsky


ISBN 978-1-956005-76-9      166 pages         $16.00


Serge Gavronsky delivers up a kaleidoscopic camera obscura objectivist inwreathing ply-over-ply minor epic here, effortlessly braiding together 1) a recurring hospital scene involving 2) an erotic nurse brandishing 3) an ominously erect syringe in Room 13 w/ motorcycle accident Bed 26 near 4) the 11th floor elevator along with 5) Shakespeare, Catullus, Moliere, Foucault, de Sade, James (Henry), Spinoza, McClure (Michael), Lucretius, Stein (Gertrude), Picasso, Lenin (Vladimir), the Bible, and the Upanishads, accompanied by 6) sundry meditations on love, lust, life, sex, dreams, writing, translation, graduate school, and the price of Corn Flakes now, all wound into 7) a tightly twisted infernal Dantescan search for the Muse, who, it turns out, is 8) the nurse with the syringe, as pitched through 9) the Beautiful Thing of Book III, Part 1 of William Carlos Williams’s Paterson! A mad, clanking, elegant, touching romp through a lifetime of associations, reflections, deliberations, and excavations. Read it. Twice!

          Michael Golston

Serge Gavronsky, born in Paris, now lives in New York. He was educated at Columbia University, from where he received his Phd in European History. He subsequently held the position of Professor of French Literature and Poetics, at Barnard College, Columbia University. He has published eleven books of poetry in French and in English, in addition to over twenty artist’s books in France. In English, he published poetry, fiction and literary criticism, as well as five books of translation of contemporary French poets: Poems And Texts, The Power Of Language, Toward A New Poetics, Six Contemporary French Women Poets, The Writing Of Apollinaire.  His main focus was the poetry/poetics of Francis Ponge. His more recent publications include: Silence Of Memory, Truth Truth Truth, Murderous Fantasies, and What’s The Title? Title. Louis Zukofsky’s “A”, co-translated with Francois Dominique, was published in 2020. He is presently writing a new work of poetic fiction.